Concert Works
My Cup
of Qi & Laughter No.2
Written for Ensemble "Proton"
For Oboe / Clarinet / Bass Clarinet / Violin / Cello / CASIO SK-1
Premiere: March 1, 2019 at Dampfzentrale, Bern. 19.30,
Mar 2, 2019 @ Damatti Bar, Basel. 20.00
TaubN (2018)
Written for the Christian-Catholic Choir of St. Peter and Paul Church, Bern (CH)

For Organ / SATB Choir / SATB Soloists / Clarinet

The three-part piece´s dialectics is built upon a pun between the words „Dove" (germ. „Taube") and „Deaf" (germ. „Taub"). As the piece progresses different allusions to cultural, historical and symbolical meanings of the Dove of Peace come up.

Das Testo (2016)
Written for Ensemble Vertigo (CH)

For Bass Clarinet / B. Saxophone / Trombone / Vibraphone / 2 Guitars / Violine/ Viola / Cello

Crust (2015)
Written for Ensemble Polygon (CH)

For Piano / Trumpet / Trombone / B.Saxophone / 2 Violins / Viola / Contrabass

Hypatia (2016)
For Organ (Bern Minster, CH)

Music for Theatre and Film
"Above the Sky" / "Выше неба" (2018)
Film (Release: 2019, directed by O.Karas)
"The Very Same Munchausen" (2016)
Theatre play (2017).
N.Novgorod State Drama Theatre (RU)

"Tableaux Vivants"
Theatre play (2016).
Moscow State Theatre of Nations (RU)

Ballet - Chorus in two acts for orchestra and choir (2014).
Ekaterinburg State Theatre of Music Comedy (RU)

Film (2013, Directed by O.Karas) --

Watch full movie (English subtitles)
Watch full movie (Russian)
"Give me your blue dress".
Short movie (2011)
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